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Compilation Of Many Days.
Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh my,i've not post in such a long time already.Today i shall post it all out.But its only the summarised Version.I cant possibly write everything out right? LOL.

Starting from that monday where me,hammy,cowwy and giraffe went out to celebrate Girraffy B'day in advance.So we went to PS,met at 3 but all were LATE! Nevermind,anyway we went to the arcade and played the candy machine.Spent dont know how much and got 2 Cushion.LOL.Thanks eh,jan&qi for giving me 1 of dem.Anyway so after that we went to eat Manhattan,the food was not bad but jan was like keep playing and was quite rude.We went back to the arcade after eating.Went so a few rounds of mario cart.Thats all.

For the rest of they days.i roughly forgot le.On thurs,we had a presentation and we had to wear FORMAL la.So hot man,but it was so funny.Im not the BAI JIA ZI okay.Neways, went to SK house to do my colour theory.Woah.SK was a great help.And the rst of the week i forgot le.LOL

Yesterday,we went to walk Men in White,it was a SUPER LAME show.The Music Video Was redundant.Quite Sucks la.No Wonder its like a STAR only?Haha.and Sk is going to buy a PSP.kena influenced by me? Who knows? We're going to get on thurs.I got him a very very good deal.Must Treat me huh SK.LOL

(10:06 PM)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Never had i ever stop thinking the limits of laziness from wallace.yesterday,he stretched the limits far beyond my imagination.He submitted a page of rubbish and claim that it was his IDEA.I was like WTH is this? Hais.he's just simply too lazy.Nevermind,i did my 3 ideas already,MR Yu said "it is very very good" soo pleased with myself.LOL.Now i have just came up with my 4th idea.Shall develope it further.Make it a INCREDIBLE story.LOL.Neways,yesterday was a rush~rush~rush today for me.Did Colour Theory in like a very very short time,lucky we got in time.LOL.So tiring man.CHINA lost his wallet.so shaggy.Vere is Ve Vallet? LOL.Hais. no more slacking le.need to go do my Designing.Ciaos!! act angmoh sia. Bye.

(6:52 AM)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

*sniff sniff.IM SICK.Okay,1st of all,i have to really INFORM people.BLIZZARD is going to release STARCRAFT 2.heavens sake.its going to be soo cool.a sequel to the already famous starcraft.Im soo going to buy it.Anyway back to my sick thingy,went to see the doc in the morning,skipped KAYA king lesson.Was really not feeling too well.after seeing the doc i went Novena for a short walk,saw a grp of CHIO Bu.1 of them looks like FELICIA CHIN!!! they were having andersen's and I was having a good time.LOL.i left novena b4 they did and i went to US.walked into the Comic shop which i hadnt been since graduation.Chatted alil with the lady and SHE suprised me by telling me that BLEACH 4 is coming out.PSP.i felt so EXCITED.BLEACH rocks man.I'm sure to buy BLEACH 4.Since i've got the 1,2,3. 4 is a MUST.GRIMMJOE will be inside,JIN too.LOL. Aizhen and all will have new skills.Icigo can go FULL HOLLOW.I love that game.i've got the PS2 version too.but aint that good compared to the PSP one. *cough cough.i need to rest.im sick.LOL

(8:16 AM)

Monday, May 21, 2007

yawn* today was quite a boring day for me,early in the morning,was woken up by my bro's IRRITATING ringtone and i emphasise IRRITATING.anyway today's morning lesson was cancelled so i only have to report to school around 3.YAY.Sk and Cheryl came to my house to play for awhile before we all set off to school.Went for VASTR.boring heh,feeling damn hungry during the lesson,so went to have western food after lesson,came home after that,i think im not going to school tomorrow.FEELING so sick now,had been sick for a week le lo.*sniff sniff.and i saw something which is EVIL and "i'm not supposed to see" have to wash my eyes and bathe in flower water already.LOL

(5:38 AM)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

went to do my gouche paint in EARLY morning.yea,went huda house void deck to paint,ordered MAC and ate it,blah blah blah.BORING.then d worst part come,we have to go CHERYL's HOUSE.OMG! there's bats coming out from d organ,his dad is a headhunter,her cat eats human hands.soon,we were on d way le.when we reached cheryl house,we faster went to her basement and did our work,out of boredom,we decided to watch 300.and we did,her dad came down and said "so this is the idea of painting,which is 2 hrs later" we all thought he was angry but cheryl shocked d hell out of me when she said,it a JOKE!!!!!! OMG.anyway talked about size of Adam Apples and DIY.and had dinner outside,came home being so TIRED.

(6:40 AM)

i've GOT my new BLOGGY.
Friday, May 18, 2007

Wow.after sooo long time of "NON BLOGING" im back to blog again.Although i think i wont have time to really write it in future due to heavy workloads and all.Nevertheless,i'll just start a blog to vent out all the stress and frustrations.Life's good at poly,great friends,nice tutors.But there a few out there namelessly "WHO" are really ruining our fun and life.Hais,they had better get a hold on that kind of CHILDISH-NESS.LOL.Life in school everyday is like a FUN DAY for me,laughing and cracking jokes with my groupmates.they're cool.NOT NERDY at least.LOL.Went to my LAO MA lesson today,she was good,but i doubt my work was up to her B standards.Nevermind,drawing was such a DRAG!!!!! PENG PENG was boring,also slept sia.neways,went KOUFU and ate the FAMOUS KU-LI-SI-PI chicken rice.with EGG SOMEMORE.WOAH! Saw alvin on my way home,he was DAO.LOL.JKJK.he said hi.hehe.went for BOWLING session after school.had lots of fun.ESPECIALLY WEIZHAO.LOL.There were 2 groups f school kids trying to act PRO beside us,they WERE SOOOOOO NOOB LA.LOL.not even 130.LOL.still want to act.SUCKERS!!! End here la.tomorrow need to go draw GOUCHE and voiddeck.LOL.10 SOMEMORE!!! DIE LO.

(6:42 AM)